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10 Ways to Get More Likes on a Facebook Photo

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 14, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing


It’s hard to find a page on Facebook without photos, as everyone knows the importance of images to gain more attention rather than a pure text post. But we also observe that all the photos on Facebook are not doing as much for a page as expected. So, the point is: what should we do to have more likes on our Facebook photo? In other words, how can we use a photo to improve the ranking of our Facebook fanpage.

Here are some of the important tips:

1. Quality of Photos:

Just like other types of contents, the most important way to get more Facebook likes is to post photos with higher quality. It’s a very simple formula that the better the quality of your photo, the better chance it will have to gain more engagement. Although, there are some big pages with worthless posts and still have strong engagement on them. But we can’t compare ourselves with them as they have a wide audience all over the world along with a lot of other effective resources to boost their page.

2. Like-Baits:

One of the effective ways to drag people’s attention towards your photo is to post an image revolving around some popular social cause. Moreover, you can also highlight any tragic aspect of our society and get sympathetic support of your followers. People love to stand united for social causes. Their sympathy will work to lift your likes as well.

3. Post during Highest Traffic Hours:

Take a look at your audience and determine the best suitable time to post the image in order to grab their attention. People’s interaction with your post is directly proportional to the likes it gets. Observe the highest traffic hours of your followers and select that time as the ideal time to post photos on your page.

4. Change Your Cover Photo with the Season:

It makes you seem cool and human when you change your cover photo and profile picture with the change of the season or occasion. This is a quite simple and easy way to make your page look attractive. The only thing you’ve got to do is, to make a list of coming holidays or events and match your cover photo to them. For example, you can change it with Christmas tree, lights or Santa Clause for Xmas, Easter eggs for Easter, pumpkins for Halloween, it really works.

5. Avoid to Use Hashtags:

It’s assumed that using hashtags on Facebook leads to less interaction of people. This is due to two major reasons. First, this is common in other social sites like Twitter and Instagram and users pay less attention to this on Facebook as they think it auto-posted from the sites I’ve mentioned above. Second reason to avoid hashtags is, they show content only to your friends and your post is not showed globally on Facebook. So, it’s better for you that you don’t use hashtags on Facebook.

6. Like/Share Voting Battles:

The idea behind these battles is to access as much of your audience as you can. The only thing you need to do is to give your followers a simple choice, like cricket or hockey, and ask them to vote. The choices must be according to the general user’s interest. One team will get points by likes and the other one by shares. Sometimes, results don’t fulfill your desired requirement, but it’s helpful to improve the ranking of your fanpage.

7. Valuable Text on Photos:

You can’t put too much text on images while using Facebook, as it’s against Facebook rules. But this condition applies if you’re doing so on ads. However, there is no limit of putting text on images if your post is of organic type. Some cheap quality viral photo sharing engines use this opportunity in a disgusting way. Instead of following their example, I’ll suggest you to put some inspirational and meaningful text on the image, while still keeping it interesting enough that people like your photo.

8. Unique Images:

We all know well that a lot of pages we open on Facebook, have nothing but shared images copied from other social platforms or even from other Facebook pages. I’m not going to suggest you to be a part of such pages. Instead of doing this low value work, you should polish your creative sense and focus on an original idea to create some unique content.

9. Excessive Editing:

It’s highly recommended to avoid excessive editing if you have less editing experience. It will make your image look worse in appearance. Edit your photo with basic touch-ups, color correction and light filters. Similarly, don’t manipulate the elements or characters of one image into another, especially when you’re not confident about your editing skill. If you still want do so, then allow someone you know to be a good editor, to verify your final image.

10. Engaging Questions:

The idea behind this is to ask interesting questions to persuade people so that they comment on your post. You can ask people about differences, the better one or their choice between two images posted. It’s a sure way to grab user’s attention to your post. Moreover, keep in mind the interest of the audience while posting an image.


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