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10 Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 22, 2016 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing


Today, the primary concern of a business is to find ways which can help business to gear up its organic reach on social media. I’m sure that many readers are already familiar with the concept of organic reach and it’s not a new thing for them. However for those of you who are still thinking what is organic reach exactly then let me help you understand this concept.

Organic reach is actually a measure which shows how many people saw and reacted on the stuff that you have shared with your audience. Audience’s response decides whether organic reach is high or not. There are many factors that affect organic reach of a business. Some of these factors are Intensity of competition, economic condition, business’s reputation (based on its activities), quality of product and services etc.

We all know that social media marketing has become an integral part of a business’s activities because of the changing trend. Over the past few years, organic reach on Facebook is showing downward trend and marketers are worried over this issue. In this article, we will see how a business can increase its organic growth on the biggest social media platform that is Facebook. Following are some ways that can help a business to increase its organic reach.

1. Pay attention to the audience’s interests:

The key factor for success in social media marketing is the satisfaction of audience. Audience will be satisfied only when a business is posting stuff in accordance with the interests of its target audience.

Understanding the needs and wants of your audience is must if you really want to enjoy the limelight. Smartly analyze what your audience expects from you and post stuff according to their likes. This step can increase your organic reach surprisingly.

2. Ensure quality stuff is being posted:

In order to increase your organic reach on Facebook, make sure that you are posting quality stuff. When we say quality stuff it means your stuff is unique and according to the latest trend. Never steal other’s marketer’s stuff because nobody wants to see repetitive things. Bring something entertaining and creative for your audience.

3. Post at the right time:

One of the common reasons for the drop in organic reach is that your timing of posting stuff is not right. Here are two key points which decide the most appropriate time for you to update a post on your social media account. First of all try to figure out the time when most of the audience responds on your posts by looking on the older posts. Choose your time based on this analysis. Secondly, deeply look on other brands timing post on the different time. This is a good approach to increase your organic reach.

4. Post fresh content:

Another good approach to increase your organic reach on Facebook is that don’t repost your old stuff. Try to be innovative every time and post fresh new content. If you are posting any of your old post and it is quite obvious that the organic reach this time will be less than the first time.

5. Involve audience in your activities:

It is also a good approach to engage your audience in your activities. Add simple questions or opinion of your customers regarding something in your posts. Build a healthy and alive relationship with your customers. Arrange conversational events and interact with your audience.

6. Sell your post:

A business should post stuff that can actually sell itself. This means that a most must be expressive and it should be convincing. Add images in your posts and don’t bore your audience with excessive reading stuff. Generally posts with images tend to attract more audience that those post which are narrative.

7. Arrange live streaming events:

facebook live

Live streaming is the latest trend in the social media marketing and it is quite fruitful as well. Live streaming events make give you a great exposure and they are really helpful to create a strong relationship with your customers. All you need to do is make your audience aware of the events. This live interaction with the customers can give a new life to your organic reach because of high engagement rate.

8. Frequency of posts:

Facebook insights show that if you are posting too much stuff then your organic reach is more likely to decrease. Although this is quite a strange thing but it is a fact. The reason for the drop in organic reach is that when you post too often then there is a high probability that you audience might get irritated. Once this happens, they might un-follow your page or post. According to the analysis, two post per day are considered enough for a business.

9. Post short videos:

Facebook has added an innovative feature in their application which auto plays videos on user’s news feeds. This means that whenever your followers log in to Facebook they will see auto playing videos in their news feeds. So, take advantage of this and post short and precise videos to attract your audience.

10. Give preference to audience’s feedback:

Whenever you ask your audience for their opinion, give it proper consideration. Make your audience feel important and make them your priority. Improve your operations according to the feedback of your audience. This step will increase sense of loyalty in the audience and this will ultimately play role to gear up the organic reach.


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