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10 Things That Will Likely Get You Unfollowed On Twitter

By Alex Neil Posted Mar 23, 2015 in Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing


Twitter has become a big part of people’s lives and especially the business owners all over the world. The people running business campaigns go to huge lengths to gather followers and create an audience. Through various tricks and methods, they succeed in getting a significant amount of followers but they usually forget that people who follow them are not going to do so permanently and they do have a choice to unfollow them.

Followers are basically people who don’t care about your business and yourself if you don’t give them reason to do otherwise. You can’t control how people think and what they do. Everyone has a choice and you cannot take that away. They have every right to unfollow you if they don’t get what they want in your tweets.

Losing followers is a big deal for most of the business owners. They become stressed and try to change their tweeting style. They try to think of reasons why those people unfollowed them. Here are the top reasons that motivate people to unfollow you:

1-Using Poor English:

A lot of people don’t have English as their native language. Those people must refrain from posting tweets that are not in English because Twitter joins people from all over the world. And since English is the international language, tweets should be in English.

Also, if you are trying to write in English but you do not use proper grammar and people do not understand what you are trying to say, they are most likely to unfollow you. The reason for this is that no one likes to read a senseless drivel. So, use proper English in your Tweets.

2-Going Over the Top Doing Promotions:

The reason for you creating a Twitter account may be that you want to promote your business but keep in mind that you do not want to bombard people with your promotions. People get tired of reading how awesome your product is and it may be a huge turn off for many people.

Don’t tweet just to promote your business. Be in the know of what is happening around you and let people know about your opinion on the subject. It assures people that you are not an automaton who just talks about promoting their business.

3-Tweeting Too Much:

While it is essential to be consistent in your tweets, too many tweets can turn people off. People want to read about what is happening in the lives of people they follow. If you clog up most of their news feed with your tweets, it’s likely that your followers will get fed up and go ahead and unfollow you.

4-Emotions Getting Out Of Control:

If you are on Twitter for promoting your business, it is really necessary that you include some personal tweets as well. That said, it is also important to keep your negative emotions like anger in check. Don’t swear or curse in your tweets because people get offended when they read such things.

If you just go on a tirade of angry words, people will just get annoyed and they are likely to unfollow you. So, keep to a healthy emotional level and try to be pleasing instead of annoying. But do not be so pleasing that people think that you are fake.

5-Being Racist or Sexist:

Nothing offends people more than seeing tweets about racism and sexism. I get annoyed too whenever I see such posts. If you are racist or sexist, it is best that you keep your opinions to yourself. If you do not and blatantly encourage either of those things, you give your followers a huge reason to unfollow you.

6-Tweeting Too Less:

It is simple logic that if you tweet very less frequently, people will think that you are not serious or nothing new is happening on your side. Unbelievable as it sounds, this reason also encourages people to unfollow you.
Make a schedule carefully and keep your tweets to a sound number. Tweeting too much or too less will cost you your followers.

Are You Losing Twitter Followers? 7 Possible Reasons Why?

7-Being Political:

Twitter is NOT for political discussions. The 140 character limit is really not enough for a healthy political review. All you can really tweet in that limit revolves around your anger on a certain political event which may include a string of curse words.

Just refrain from tweeting political issues (if it is not your job to do so) because you never know who you will offend by it. This, in turn, may cause you to lose some of your followers. Keep to your business and personal life and you will do fine.

8-Uninteresting Tweets:

Twitter gives you additional features in you tweets. You can add links to interesting articles. You can use infographics. Use all of those features to your advantage because a tweet without links or images does not benefit anyone unless you are posting quotes which I doubt if you are a business promoter.

9-Not Enough Interaction:

People like to see that the person they are following is interacting with them. If you just post your tweets and don’t interact with your followers, they will get tired of speaking in a void. This will eventually lead to them unfollowing you. Take time to interact with your followers in order to get them to stick with you.

10-Using Retweet Button:

Yes, Twitter has a retweet button and you can retweet someone else’s tweet but using it excessively will turn off your followers. People get annoyed when they see that someone is posting others’ tweets instead of creating new and original ones. Believe it or not, retweeting much may also cost you your followers.

So, try to tweet something original instead of copying others’ creativity or thoughts. Even if you want to say the same thing, say it in your own words.

The above reasons are on the top of the list of why people unfollow someone on Twitter. Some of them you may already have known and some of them may be new to you.Try to avoid these if you want to keep your number of followers from decreasing.


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