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10 Tips for Successful Instagram Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Mar 02, 2015 in Instagram Info/ Social Media News

How to make your business stand out on Instagram

According to some statistics, there is a gradual decline in Facebook activity among young users. Where are these users going? Yes, that’s right. They are turning to Instagram for sharing their lives and connecting with each other. Most of the youngsters now have smart phones and they can easily take pictures wherever they are and whatever they are doing, which makes Instagram even more appealing to them because of the ease with which they can share their photos and videos. So, with more and more people turning to Instagram, it’s only logical for business owners to do that as well.

But what to do once you have joined Instagram? How to effectively use Instagram for your business in order to achieve desired results? These are the questions that plague the minds of those business owners who are new to Instagram. When it comes to social media marketing, you have to follow some tricks and tips to become successful and you have to be vigilant in your efforts. Some of those tips are down below:

1-Your Profile:

The first thing the users will notice, when they are trying to get a sense of who you are and what your business entails, is your profile. Choose a creative username and profile picture that describes what your business is about and also pique your customers’ interests. Fill every column in your profile very carefully and whatever you do, do not leave your ‘bio’ section empty. You bio will help your followers understand how your business works and it will give them knowledge about yourself. Fill your bio section carefully and describe yourself and your business in a way that will encourage people to follow you.

Also, add a link to your website or blog (if you have one). It will give people a way of communication outside of Instagram and also bring traffic to your website/blog.

2-Learn Some Photography Skills:

Youtube Video Equipment

With the rise of photo and video sharing apps and social media platforms, even the most scientific people are becoming photography geeks. You can see some people creatively taking photos of even their test tubes and chemicals. The point is, to survive in this age of social media, you have to learn some photography skills. Take some time to notice how light and camera angles affect the quality of photos when taking pictures with your phone.

3-Make Yourself Familiar With Instagram Filters:

Being a photo and video sharing platform, Instagram offers a lot of filters for editing your photos and videos. Experiment with these and note how each filter affects your photos. Make yourself familiar with them and then use them according to the nature of your photos/videos.

4-Add Some Diversity To Your Posts:

Don’t post boring photos about your business all the time. People get tired of listening to sales pitch of some business all the time. Be creative and post random shots of a gorgeous scenery, your morning coffee or whatever gives people a scoop in your personal life. People love this little sharing of your private life.

5-Use Text In Your Photos:

There are some viral trends that combine a text with graphics. Memes are really popular and almost everyone takes a look at them and see what they say. So, you can use this technique as well and create your own graphic and add some text to it that makes your business interesting to your followers and audience.

6-Make Your Followers Feel Privileged:

When you are announcing new products, featuring it on your Instagram profile before breaking it out for the general public makes your Instagram followers feel important. And more people start to follow you to be able to get this ‘inside knowledge’ before the world.

7-Use of Hashtags:

While hashtags may not be extremely important on Facebook, on Instagram hashtags are the way to go if you want your photos to show up in search results. The only way to search on Instagram is by using hashtags. So, include hashtags that will describe what is shown in your photo. If people search for that particular hashtag, your post will also show up in their search results.

8-Make Videos For Better Interaction:

While, photos are a great way to interact with your customers, videos go a long way in driving your point to your customers’ hearts. The important part is how you create your video and what you add into it for it to be really effective in your marketing strategy. Instagram offers video uploading feature but with a few limitations. The major one is that you cannot post video longer than 15 seconds.

Keeping this in mind, it is very difficult to make a video that completely conveys what you want to say in such a short time limit. Difficult, but not impossible. Here are a few tips if your want to make an effective video for your Instagram followers.

9-Share On Other Social Media Platforms:

Instagram Does Really Well With Facebook

Instagram Does Really Well With Facebook

If you have business pages on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms as well, make sure to share your important photos and videos on them too. It will help in your social media marketing campaigns.

10-Post Regularly:

Make a schedule and try to stick to it no matter what happens. Posting regularly will keep you fresh in your followers’ minds. If you post less frequently, people will begin to lose interest in you. It can also cost you your followers. So, decide on number of posts you want to make per day or per week and then try to act on that decision as best as you can.


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