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10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Fan-Page Appearance

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 18, 2016 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing


Setting up a Facebook page is really easy as far as social media marketing strategies go. But what comes after setting it up is the important and somewhat challenging part. You have to maintain it the proper way or you are not going to get any following or if you do get it, they will probably not be there on a long term basis.

So, what is it that you need to do to make people follow your brand and then stay? There are many things that have been proven to work over the years for a lot of successful Facebook pages. Some of them you need to do just once or twice a month while other you need to make a habit of doing. None of them is difficult to follow; you just need to add them to your Facebook marketing strategies.

Here, I’m going to break them down for you so that you can achieve the desired outcome from your Facebook fan-page.

1-Fill Out Your Profile Properly:

The information about your brand is the first thing that people will see when they visit your page. It is really crucial that you fill it out properly. None of the sections should be left empty unless you don’t have anything to say about it. The about section is the most important and should be filled in a way that will persuade people to like your page instantly.

2-Cover Photo and Profile Picture:

Your cover photo should be really attractive and eye catching. If you don’t know how to design one, there are countless online websites that let you create it. Canva is the best as it comes with templates that are specific for Facebook cover photos and you don’t have to worry about dimensions. You can play around with it and create the cover photo that suits your brand the best.

But a beautiful cover photo without an equally gorgeous profile picture is useless. Make your profile image speak for itself and describe what your brand is about. Choose it carefully because it will be shown whenever you interact with people or other pages on Facebook.

3-Change Your Appearance Occasionally:

Setting up your profile image and cover photo just once is not enough. You have to keep changing it over time because if you don’t, people will stop paying attention to it.

4-Don’t Stray From The Subject:

Whatever you post on your Facebook page, make sure that it is relevant in one way or another to the niche of your brand. A funny picture of a cat is really cute but if you post it on a page that deals with cars, well, that would be a desperate attempt at getting likes.

5-Images and Videos are Your Best Friends:

With visual marketing at its peak, it is really necessary that you post images and videos really frequently. If you can’t post video frequently, post one every now and then but don’t forget the image posts. People interact with these kinds of posts more than they do with written status updates.

6-Stick to a Post Schedule:

Make a schedule of how often will you post on your Facebook page and then stick to it. For example, if you post a video every week, make sure that it is on the same day. This way people will expect you to post that day every week and it’s possible that they go over to your page specifically for that post. I know because I have done this exact thing for some of my favorite pages.

7-Use the Pinned Post Feature:

Facebook allows you to pin one pot at the top of your timeline. You can use this feature to get more engagement on a certain post. For example, if you have a contest going on, this feature will really come in handy.

8-Curate Content:

All of your posts don’t have to be specifically by you. In fact, they shouldn’t be by just you because that will bore people. Every now and then share interesting content from around the web or even by other Facebook pages in your niche. This will keep your Facebook page fresh and exciting.

9-Run Contests:

Make your Facebook page interesting by running contests every now and then. The reward can be anything from a shout out in a weekly post to really expensive stuff. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines that Facebook has set for these contests.

10-Ask People Questions:

People like it when brands engage them in some sort of activity. Give people a chance to engage with you by asking them questions. For example, you can ask people about your products and they will give you feedback. You can then structure your brand or product around what people want to make them stay loyal to your brand.

These are just a few tips but they are enough to get you on a good start. If you follow them, you will see a noticeable increase in your followers and engagement rate.


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