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10 Fundamental Things To Know Before Doing Social Media Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 03, 2014 in Social Media News

Things to know about social media marketing

It’s a known fact that social media marketing has become a trend for business owners from all over the world. If you have just started a new business, chances are that either you already have entered social media or you’re considering it in order to promote your business. But there are a few fundamental things about social media marketing that you have to keep in mind before you invest your time and money into it.

This post is to help newbies understand what they have to do in order to be at the top of their games in social media marketing. The rules are pretty simple once you get the hang of them.

1-Social Media is About Being Social:

Giving a sales pitch of your products to anyone or everyone you meet is not going to get you anywhere and people get annoyed when this kind of thing happens. What you have to do is join discussions relevant to your brand or business and see what your target audience wants. Chat with them, understand what they are looking for and then you’ll have a better idea about what you should provide them.

2-Set Your Mind:

Let’s say you have a lot of products that you want to promote but they all belong in different categories. If you promote them all at once, it won’t get you good results. You have to focus on one or two of them instead of becoming an all rounder. Once you have gotten desired result about these products, you can move on to next two that you want to promote.

3-Build Solid Connections:

With all the social media platforms, it’s become kind of a number race in the sense that who gets more followers. The truth is that the number matters but the quality of those connections matter more!

Let’s say you have 5000 followers. But the number of active followers, who actually look forward to more of your posts, is somewhere around 500. The remaining 4500 followers are just for show as you are not getting any results from them. That’s why it’s important to build strong connections instead of trying to get as many followers as you can get.

4-Quality Over Quantity:

I know, you have probably heard this a million times by now but it is never said often enough. The quality of your content matters more than the quantity of your content. If you can’t produce well thought-out, organized and calling to action posts then you will not get good results.

If writing creative content is not one of your skills then you should hire a professional writer for this task because that’s how important it is!

5-Have Patience:

In social media marketing, while it’s possible to go viral real soon, it’s more likely that you’ll have to wait a long time before it happens. So if you’re considering going into social media, you have to keep in mind that you cannot become successful overnight. You’ll have to take one baby step after another and then maybe you can expect results.

6-Be Responsive:

If someone approaches you and talks to you in real word, you will not ignore them, will you? Same thing applies in online communication. Acknowledge the people who contact you and work your way toward building solid connections. This will help you in the long run.

7-Be Visible:

Social Media

Once you have posted your content, don’t become invisible! Take part in discussions and know what people have to say about your products and your content. If you see that people don’t like what you’re providing them, change your strategy. Trial and error is the only way you can achieve results in social media marketing.


There are a lot of people on the social media platforms that fall in the category of influencers. They have a huge audience who interact with each other. Build you connections with influencers related to your field of business. Show them what you have got to offer and if they like what they see, they might share your content with their own followers. This will have a huge impact on you social media marketing.


Communication is a two way street. If you want others to follow and share your content, you have to do the same for them too. So, spending a little time in doing just this and talking about content shared by others should be in you social media strategy as well.

10-Track Your Progress:

If you set a number of goals that are hard to achieve, you will soon get tired or disappointed. Instead, you should set goals that are small and easy to achieve. This way, you are less likely to get frustrated on the long way full of hurdles and obstacles that is social media marketing.


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