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10 Things Not To Do On Facebook

By Alex Neil Posted Apr 03, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media News

Facebook Mistakes

Facebook is at the top when it comes to social media marketing. That’s the reason why business marketers have to struggle extra hard to become noticeable on Facebook with so much competition going on. They try things out to see what gets their customers’ attention. Somethings work, some don’t. But more often than not, brands make some mistakes without even realizing that they are doing something wrong. But the customers notice and it results in the decrease in likes of those brands’ pages.

Here are a few things that brands should not do on Facebook:

1-Don’t Keep Your Brand Page Partially Filled:

Yes, it is obvious but still some brands make this mistake. Fill your brand page with all the information you can give like your company’s goals, your address, email, phone or whatever else that your customers should know. If your business page is not filled or partially filled, you might come off as unprofessional, which you definitely do not want to appear.

2-Don’t Be A ‘Like’ Beggar:

This is the worst thing that you can do on Facebook. Asking for likes constantly and at inappropriate photos makes people unlike you. For example, you have an automobile company but you post a photo of a cute puppy or cat and make a caption like ‘Like if you think it’s cute’. This is the kind of thing that you want to definitely avoid because it will annoy the people who are following your page for your brand.

3-Don’t Create A Profile For Business:

Creating a profile for business instead of a business page on Facebook is in no way a logical step. Profiles are for persons and Pages are for businesses. For one thing, on Pages people don’t need to send you requests to approve them, they just simply have to like your page. Also, pages offer you insights on your progress in the form of analytical graphs. If you think that profile will suit your brand better than a business page would, you might want to think again.

4-Don’t Turn Of Comments Or Wall Posts:

Facebook page offers you the choice of turning of comments and wall posts. Yes, it will keep people from posting anything negative on your wall but it will keep the positive comments or posts out too. Besides, it will make people think that their opinion is not important to you. And if people think that way, you might not get as many likes as you want.

Remember, not all the people may like you or your product. If they post negative comments or reviews about your brand or products, you have a chance of responding to them on your own ‘territory’ and you never know, maybe you can respond in such a way that will make them change their mind!

5-Don’t Use Stock Photos:

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Brands who use stock photos for their brand posts are doing it wrong. In the present age of social media and smart phones, people value original photos more than safe, little stock photos. Besides, stock photos make your posts look like advertisements and most of the people ignore such posts.

6-Don’t Be Non-Responsive:

What will you do if you ask try to talk to someone again and again but get no response? You’ll eventually get tired and move on. That’s what your followers and customers are like too. If they ask you a question, make sure you answer them and show them that they matter to you.

7-Don’t Use Inbox Too Much:

Yes, Facebook offers you the option of sending messages to your followers via inbox but if you use this option too much, you will annoy your followers and that will possibly result in a decrease in your page likes.

8-Don’t Post Text-Heavy Posts:

Instead of making posts that are full articles and force people to read them to understand their point, make posts that grip the audience at first glance. Use graphic images and photos to attract audience. Once they are attracted, they are more likely to like and comment on your posts. Written description should be very short because now people don’t have time to read reports and articles. They like to move through their news feed fast because they have a lot of connections that they want to follow up.

So keep your posts short, to the point and interesting. Add photos which explain to your audience what you post is all about.

9-Don’t Post Too Much:

Making 3 effective and inspiring posts a week is better than seven ineffective, boring and uninspiring posts a week. If you post too much, people will begin to ignore you sooner or later.

10-Don’t Tag Unnecessarily:

Unnecessarily tagging your followers in your posts is a sure way to annoy them which will likely result in them unfollowing you. So, if you want to tag your followers, tag only those with which that post relates to.


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