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10 Things to Avoid at all costs on Twitter

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 08, 2016 in Social Media Marketing/ Twitter


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms which are used for social media marketing. It’s a good source of direct interaction between business and its audience. However, for businesses it is getting hard day by day to shine bright among others and stand out among the crowd. This struggle is because of the fact that thousands of brands are using this platform. So, coming up unique stuff and getting recognized by target audience is becoming a real tough job for brands.

In this article we will discuss some practices that must be avoided by businesses in Twitter marketing to get better results and to achieve high engagement rate.

1. Don’t Repost the same tweets:

People use social media networks to get entertained as well as to get information about new things and latest happenings. In other words, the real purpose for the use of social media is to get informed all the time. So, business must ensure that they are meeting this expectation of audience while advertising their brands. If you (as a brand) are posting same stuff that you had posted earlier then audience will obviously get bored and they no longer will want to see your posts. Creativity with unique style is the key to get audience’s attention.

So, whenever you are about to post something, try to be innovative. If it is necessary to share the same old information or perspective again then take some time and rephrase the information. Audience’s interest matters a lot when it comes to social media marketing.

2. Don’t overuse hashtags:

Hashtag is a really cool trend of today and it is quite popular in the audience as well. Tweets with hashtags are said to get more attention and posts which contain hashtags results in high engagement rate. However, sometimes business misunderstands the concept and they hashtag every single word in the post which ultimately results in low engagement rate. It is analyzed that post with more than two hashtags get 17 % low engagement rate. So, it is very crucial for brands to use appropriate and relevant hashtags only in their posts.

3. Don’t just follow anybody:

Brands usually follow every relevant account in anticipation that they will also follow you back. But sometimes it is just not the case. Be careful about people whom you follow and go for those accounts you can actually create a strong business relationship with. The purpose of Twitter marketing is to get followed by loyal audience so try to avoid unnecessary follows.

4. Don’t post same stuff on different social platforms:

Every social network is of different nature so the stuff you share on different platforms must be according to the format and nature of the platform as well. Twitter is not about sharing long stories and insights. It’s more like a platform for small and constant stream of communication. So brands should not post same stuff on Twitter like other platforms.

5. Don’t forget to tweet in busy days:


Tweeting so much in some days and then gone for some days is the deadly strategy for brands using twitter. Don’t forget that followers have followed you because they want to get updates about your activities and they want to know the latest happenings. If you are not posting in your super busy days then indirectly you are neglecting your audience. Try to keep in touch with your audience by tweeting at least twice a day and don’t totally disappear.

6. Don’t overdo the ‘call to action’:

Adding call to action in your tweets is surely a good way to communicate with the audience. But asking your audience and followers to do it more often can actually kill your relationship. Because when you make it a habit of adding call to action in your tweets then audience will start to see this as a burden or some kind of order. This will instantly kill their interest which is obviously the least desired thing for a business.

7. Don’t just ask for favors:

Imagine how would you feel if a friend of yours habitually keeps asking you to do some stuff for him and in reward he just gives you a smile. You might do this for him for some time but soon you will unconsciously start to avoid his calls because you don’t want to spend your time and skills for a mere smile. It is human nature that we want to get equal reward for our efforts. Always remember this while asking your audience to do some favor for your brand.

Include some offers with your favor requests that can compensate your audience for their time and efforts. For example, if you are asking them to do some survey for your brand then send them a discount code for their next transaction. This is a good approach to make your audience realize that you care for them and you are thankful for their efforts and time.

8. Don’t be a part of some controversy:

Being Twitter users we all are aware of the Twitter wars. For a brand, it is utmost necessary to stay far away from the trending controversy. Never be a part of something that is controversial in order to preserve your image and reputation. If you ever encounter such situation, stepping down is the right thing to do. Remember, stating your opinion is your right but you should not use this right to disgrace others. Be respectful towards others no matter what the situation is because for a business, positive image is the real treasure.

9. Don’t forget to re-tweet:

Always take some time to re-tweet some of your followers’ tweets. Audience’s opinions and their concerns must be treated as priorities. Don’t ignore the views of your audience because it is the easiest way to analyze or spot your deficiencies and make them go away.

10. Don’t copy others’ stuff:

As I mentioned before, creative and innovative material attracts audience. If you are copying others’ stuff then you are not giving anything new to your followers. Even if you are going to share some stuff which is the hot topic currently among brands and audience, add some new perspectives and insights before sharing. Just using copy paste option will not give you high engagement rate.


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